Terms & Conditions

Referral scheme

By participating in the We Are Remix ‘Refer a Friend’ initiative, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:

The reward is non-transferrable and cannot be converted into cash.

The referral incentive, presented as a voucher, will be delivered to you. We Are Remix assumes responsibility for any legally required taxes associated with the referral reward.

A successful referral is defined as your recommendation resulting in the placement of the referred candidate by We Are Remix, either in a permanent role or for a contract period exceeding one month.

In exceptional cases where the specified incentive cannot be obtained, We Are Remix reserves the right to substitute it with a comparable reward, subject to the same terms and conditions.

To be eligible for the referral reward, the referred person must not already be registered in the We Are Remix database, and their information/profile/CV should not have been previously received by We Are Remix through alternative channels.

It is the referrer’s responsibility to obtain explicit consent from the referred person before submitting their details to We Are Remix for the purposes of this program. The referrer will indemnify We Are Remix against any loss or claim arising from their failure to secure such consent. We Are Remix adheres to applicable privacy regulations, including but not limited to the principles outlined in the Privacy Act.

To claim the referral reward, the referrer must discreetly contact their designated We Are Remix consultant.

Each candidate can only be referred once to We Are Remix. If multiple referrals for the same candidate are received from the same referrer or other referrers, only the first referrer will be eligible for the referral reward. We Are Remix retains the right to make final judgments on any disputes or ambiguities.

Employees directly engaged by We Are Remix are not eligible to participate in the referral scheme.

We Are Remix accepts no responsibility for any fluctuations in the value of the reward resulting from circumstances beyond its control.

We Are Remix does not provide any representations or warranties regarding the quality, suitability, or marketability of the reward. To the fullest extent permitted by law, We Are Remix disclaims any liability for losses, damages, or personal injuries arising directly or indirectly from participation in the program or acceptance of the reward.

The value of the undisclosed voucher includes applicable taxes, fees, and shipping charges. Specific terms and conditions may apply.

The undisclosed voucher reward is applicable to all referred positions, encompassing both contract and permanent roles.

The $250 value includes all taxes, fees, and shipping. Some conditions and exclusions apply.

The $250 gift voucher is for all referred roles (permanent and contract).